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  1. RT @SharikaSoal84: Cops kill more white people than black every year Sun Jun 07 03:31:29 +000
  2. RT @charliekirk11: Skin color doesn’t matter, values and character matter. If you believe skin color matters, you are a racist. Sun Jun 07 02:58:00 +000
  3. RT @TheOfficerTatum: Systemic oppression and racism is a bunch of bs. When you cannot find enough real examples of racism or point out the… Sun Jun 07 02:12:51 +000
  4. RT @MurphyPIX: #CloseCall This is NYPD Officer Yayonfrantz Jean Pierre, stabbed in the neck last night on anti-looting post, surviving beca… Sun Jun 07 00:49:43 +000
  5. RT @KennyHoward12: @RealJamesWoods "Racism is not dead. But it is on life-support, kept alive mainly by the people who use it for an excuse… Sun Jun 07 00:14:22 +000
  6. RT @BirdPerHour: #birdbot https://t.co/aAXsZuflYU Sun Jun 07 00:02:10 +000
  7. RT @WelcometotheP16: @RealCandaceO BLM is a false narrative. Plain and simple. https://t.co/jmSOCtHVZI Sun Jun 07 00:01:10 +000
  8. RT @RealCandaceO: In 2016, it was manufactured race riots, “pussy hat” marches, celebrity virtue-signaling, ANTIFA clashes—and the Democrat… Sat Jun 06 23:48:25 +000
  9. RT @PaulTradelius: https://t.co/mBkykZ1mMO Sat Jun 06 22:01:52 +000
  10. RT @GreggJarrett: British Prime Minister ‘No Choice’ But to Offer Citizenship to Almost 3 Million Hong Kong Citizens https://t.co/CbPNsXxPOA Sat Jun 06 21:17:25 +000
  11. RT @w_terrence: WHAT IN THE WORLD IS THIS CRAP! Some people should not produce. This little girl has no clue what’s going on and should no… Sat Jun 06 07:19:26 +000
  12. RT @thinkfree55: Antifa cannot be stopped...Berlin tonight...#AntifaTerrorist #NWO #Soros #OBAMAGATEGATE #Warzone #Hildmann #BillGates #… Sat Jun 06 07:16:11 +000
  13. I’m tired of all the people that are inventing racism and oppression when largely there is none in this country. Yo… https://t.co/k0CybFzA38 Sat Jun 06 03:55:27 +000
  14. RT @phillygodfather: @drewbrees @JoeO670 @realDonaldTrump Please keep Officer Shay Mikalonis in your prayers. He is the 29-year-old Las Veg… Sat Jun 06 03:38:07 +000
  15. We will have utopia when everyone is ready to be finished with guilt projection again but the moment you begin to i… https://t.co/Isw3kwIPHK Sat Jun 06 00:48:40 +000
  16. RT @WellingMichael: #AntifaTerrorist Black woman argues with white leftists over issues of freedom in the #BlackLivesMatter protests 👏👏👏👏👏👏… Fri Jun 05 22:50:58 +000
  17. RT @RealCandaceO: Since I’m trending I’d like to introduce you guys to the best video on the internet right now. Nothing makes my spirit… Fri Jun 05 20:05:13 +000
  18. https://t.co/Uiho2EjDOo Fri Jun 05 20:04:28 +000
  19. While you are burning down the country over the *exactly* 10 unarmed black suspects killed by cops in the last year… https://t.co/2Co3QxZdFE Fri Jun 05 19:19:21 +000
  20. While you are destroying the country over the 10 unarmed blacks killed by cops in the last year, roughly 800,000 ch… https://t.co/DoT0EWEkTn Fri Jun 05 06:14:15 +000

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